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Killing Spree VII Killing Spree VII

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh man. Just like it's good to see an old friend return it's great to see a follow-up to the amazing classic series finally be released on NG - the place where it actually started back in 2003. First of all, as a long-time fan I'd like to thank you for finding time in your busy adult life to create this. I appreciate it very much as I'm sure do a lot of other fans. I even got to watch you livestream making it once and it was truly incredible to see how hard you've been working. With all that being said I'm going to let myself comment on some particular (and sometimes minor) things.
As for example, the title card - it's literally a simple text with some inner glow filter on it. To be honest, after seeing all poster-teaser stuff you've posted during livestreams I was expecting a more interesting design. Also it looks like it was done in Photoshop as I can guess (it seems to be an image that was imported into Flash. Another thing that quite bugged me is that there was no connection with KS6 after-credits-cliffhanger scene. I can understand that after years you might have changed the original story plot many times but it left some sort of discontinuity.
I know that you've made it in a rush, yet I couldn't help but notice some "cinema mistakes" now and then (not counting the lack of lip sync in the Ambulance scene). A very common "mistake" is Barry's wound on his face - it constantly switches sides and in some scenes disappears completely. Another example is in Wounded-Glenda scene - at first there is a blood trail behind her, but when Barry finds her there isn't. Speaking about the ambulance scene - there are a bunch of questions about Jase's sudden resurrection. Didn't Glenda say that there was no going back? But all she needed to do is to resurrect him by breaking her crystal ball when Barry left the stage, and once it's midnight turn back Jase's day manually (come on, she's a witch, right?) - that's where the connection with KS6 after-credits scene would have been. Even here, when Barry shot Glenda, shouldn't Jase get resurrected instantly? So he'd kill Barry while the cop was unconscious and keep his spree going. But hey, I'm sure we'll eventually get all the answers.
Another scene that left me with questions is Jase's-flashback scene. It showed how Jase defended Jimmy from two bullies and presumably became friends with him (by the way, only four fingers on Jase's hand in that scene). Is the meaning of that scene that Jase wasn't really a mindless terrorist, but a fighter against injustice, the big bad world? Or is it that he thought that the whole killing people thing was just a "game" (like a video game or something) and in "reality" he's cute and cuddly? As for Barry who has lost his wife and whose whole life now became pointless, Jase has become some sort of an idol. Seems like Jase's "game" has turned into Barry's reality. His monologue after the fight reminded me of Agent Smith's monologue in Matrix Revolutions - "...Oh I can, I really should thank you after all. It was, after all, it was your life that taught me the purpose of all life. The purpose of life is to end...". So after murdering his nemesis and becoming completely insane he could take his place and keep going on Jase's path of destruction. And, at last, we have got the end scene, which is KS6 intro scene. Barry's still beating heart would have been a great touch, but oh well.
Speaking about the technical aspect all I can say is how amazing your improvement is. It's great to see some well-done 3D environments and backgrounds. As for the characters - the lighting and shading on their bodies are remarkable. Only in few stick figure animations I've seen such depth and detail. Your choice of soundtracks is amazing as always, and the voice-acting was pretty top-notch. Things I didn't really like are the lack of subtitles and that old-cinema effect during Barry's monologue. I think that you shouldn't have deleted the subtitles as it obviously helps when a voice-acted line overlays on a soundtrack. As for the effect - it just felt unnecessary.
Finally, I have to say that overall it was a sweet nostalgia trip and it left me wanting to see more. That "?" after "THE END" really excites me, just like the post-credit scene of KS6 did 6 years ago (good God, has it been that long?). Once again I'd like to say a big "THANK YOU!!1" for inspiring us again just like in the old times.

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Max Payne Tribute Max Payne Tribute

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I am very glad that you could finish this.

First of all, congratulations for getting 2nd place, 2nd Daily and making it on Stickpage frontpage! However, IMHO, this turned out to be slightly better than FF:LM (no offense to Philips) and deserves the highest rank. When you said that "its got some of the craziest angles" you've done, I was expecting something intense, but this animation goes way beyond "intense". It's just a masterpiece, amigo. Incredible angles, cinematics and tension. Although, I've noticed some "movie mistakes" here, as f.e the door to the morgue opened and some mysterious way closed again right before Max burst in. It could be another entrance, but it didn't look like it. I wish you'd add some facial expressions / lipsyncs, it'd be very awesome to see it in your new animations. First time watching, I was waiting for some scenes from the trailer to appear, but you used the trailer as some sort of an intro, I guess. ANYWAY and ANYWHAT, outstanding execution~ Thanks for the show and, also, for thanking me~

SupraNova responds:

Thanks a lot for the good words my friend. Ill have to catch you on Irc soon! Been too long!

LoL StickFigure Spotlight LoL StickFigure Spotlight

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing job, sir Eric. As always, you perfectly combine violence and humour. Keep on shining! :)

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20 Seconds to DIE 20 Seconds to DIE

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It came up very good and so intense. Phil (terkoiz) stole the show again :). I very enjoyed watching it, and I can't believe you add my shitty part in this masterpiece. Thank you, Travis and all the members!

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MC10 MC10

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Definatly a new masterpiece, Sean.

I always loved your soundtracks for MC series. This one is surely one of the bests. I hope you and Matt will work together in the future. Good luck.

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cheshyre responds:

Thank you so much!! I'm so happy that you liked it!